The Playing is Superb.              Everything sounds                        completely NATURAL...                              -Gorman (American Record Guide/ 2012)   A powerhouse down in the depths!"                                                                                                                -Robert Dick This remarkable flautist continues his exploration                                                     of the low flute family........"   (                                                                               -DOMINY CLEMENTS- (Music Web International)         "….few flutists around the world stretch the boundaries of what can be done with our little instrument…..                                    [Peter is] making our fluting experience far more interesting."        -Trevor Wye     A MARVELOUS CD..... A FINE PLAYER.....[filled with] VIRTUOSIC EXPRESSION! -Cynthia Stevens  FLUTIST QUARTERLY REVIEW (NFA)       "...Peter Senchuk’s concerto for low flutes, Nuestro Pueblo,     (was) performed exquisitely by Peter Sheridan."                                                                               -Phyllis Avidan Louke   ENJOYABLE and GREAT PLAYING                                                                               -Mike Mower REVIEW (BRITISH FLUTE SOCIETY) -Carla Rees        I AM IMPRESSED BY THE DIFFERENT STYLES OF REPERTOIRE                             TACKLED BY THIS MUSICIAN...." KATE ROCKSTROM- Readings Carlton                                                                                                                   Read More...   Sheridan’s crusade for his impressive collection of huge flutes continues apace, and we can expect more in the near future."   -Dominy Clements  Read More:   AND THE GIANT BEGAN TO DANCE is my favourite.... out of nowhere comes this can feel it! And like on a big wave, the music begins to DANCE, and things rattle in my living room... AMAZING!                                               -Stephan Keller   As a teenager, Peter could turn anything into a flute- a straw, a bottle, a pen casing, even a seashell......with high and low sounds and some funky rhythms too........ does not surprise me he can make these monster flutes sound so....... fresh!"                                      -Anonymous     Below" is a feast for the ears-stunning sonorities!                                                                                 -Daniel Kessner         "...such virtuosic playing on the low flutes!"                                                                               -Katherine Hoover      “Sheridan is a musician among flutists.....   all thoroughly enjoyable.”    - Gary Schocker     Sheridan's playing opens up a new sound world to composers and flutists alike.....a thrilling experience!"                     -Dr. Houston Dunleavy     Swinging Virtuosity......"       -Sheridon Stokes       “ [his] beautiful and agile tone on the lower flutes is truly amazing.”                                                                                  -Adrienne Albert     Awe inspiring - an incredibly colourful soundscape filled with precious moments from the master of low flutes."-David Temby                                             “....Sheridan is a world class flutist [with]    exceptional skill and artistry..... his creative approach to these lower instruments shines forth in the CD Below. -Paige Dashner Long     …..[He] honours every single flutemaker                                       by playing these instruments so marvellously."                                                                                                                  -Jelle Hogenhuis       “Attractive performances which expand the possibilities of low flutes……fresh inspiration and originality.”                -Shozo Ogura (Kotato Flute Dealer)     Sheridan's bright virtuoso flute…[and] his skilled execution, drew enthusiastic applause.”      -Plymouth Press/ 1999   Lovebirds" is a recording filled with joy and marvelous musicianship…… a standard of excellence that is inspiring.... a superb variety of musical styles…..   -David Bell”