Why Should I Buy An Alto/ Bass Flute?

I am quite often asked by younger and more mature players, why should they purchase an alto or bass flute. Most flutists will not be soloist (that is a fact, not a put-down...). With that said, why NOT increase your opportunities and chances (if you are a University student) to participate in as many ensembles as you can. I mean,I was asked to do gigs, because folks knew I had a piccolo and could play it well when I was younger.


An Alto or Bass flute these days can be purchased for under three thousand dollars if you do your homework. With such a purchase you have now opened new doors and opportunities for yourself, not to mention ALL the fun that you will have........


Playing Alto/ Bass flute is such a thrill in any performance capacity. I have performed on these instruments as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician and in jazz ensembles. These flutes will challenge your ears, your fingers, your embouchure and your overall musicianship. Now is that not worth a few grand?


The alto has a voice that could possibly be the closet to a human tone in my humble opinion. You can make that pipe growl, moan, wail, soar and lyrically sing in almost all of the registers. We MUST have more concertos for such a sensitive and noble beast. 


The bass on the other hand becomes the bit of divide that many flutist are somewhat uncomfortable with. With issues of hand positions and posture, not to mention sound production (on poorer made models), this flute can cause serious headaches if not heartaches. That said, have you tried it in flute ensemble on a substantial part? I mean the sound of being a full octave below all others, and driving the bass line, even controlling the dyanmic contrast of the ensemble is anything short of just brillaint.


Purchasing an alto/bass flute will change your playing, your perspective, your embouchure, but most importantly. your sense of possibilities........


The low flutes have partials that will develop your playing far beyond long-tones, or mindless tonal exercises. These instruments will begin to push your limits as a player, and in turn help you find your artistry........

Go on, what are you waiting for, purchase on today!

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