'Underwater Flowers': A vibrant view of unique water creatures

Gary Schocker has composed over 125 works that feature the full flute family, from piccolo and bass flute sonatas to finely crafted and balanced works for flute ensemble with featured lines for contrabass flute. Mr. Schocker understands the colours and strong qualities of all the flutes. I once asked him to write a large work for contrabass flute, and after a period of time he declined because he could not locate and play on a contrabass flute. Some composers work from the piano, some from the computer, but Mr. Schocker works from the flute when writing for the flute, and anyone can readily hear this connection. In this most recent addition to the low flute repertoire, 'Underwayer Flowers,' the listener is invited to aurally explore the marvelous living creatures that inhabit the floors and corals of our ocean.   

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