Peter Senchuk: A Man with Vision

Los Angeles based composer, Peter Senchuk is clearly redefining what is possible with the sounds of multiple flutes. With over sixty compositions for flute ensemble, this composer is reshaping the the manner in which we hear the flute choir. Several new works this year alone are having their premiere at the 2103 NFA Convention in Las Vegas. From young community based groups to professional ensembles such as, Texas Women's University Flute Choir and the Professional Flute Ensemble of Pittsburgh, all are passionate about the voice of Senchuk.


Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Senchuk moved to Los Angeles in 1999, as an already well established trombonist and arranger to study film scoring at USC with Elmer Bernstein. He now freelances as a professional arranger and composer in the active LA commercial industry.


His unique voicings for the multiple flutes have an almost full-proof method for success, the well known and respected Los Angeles Flute Orchestra (lead by his wife and excellent flutist Emily Senchuk and fine local flutist Ellen Burr). Senchuk has conducted and recorded with this fine ensemble on a number of occassion's and many of his works are composed with their enormous capabilities in mind.


Peter's clear gift for lyrical writing is present his phrasing and use of compositional structure, where he understands the possibilities and strengths of each and every flute voice in the family. We only hope to hear and see more of his works performed both on the Nation and International stage. A kind and gentle soul, Peter's music will speak to you directly and emotionally. Maybe even a lengthy concerto for alto flute and flute ensemble is in the waiting. for more info and score purchase details please visit:

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