Dorff Writes New Work For Bass Flute

I have commissioned a new work from the versatile and creative composer, Daniel Dorff of Theodore Presser for the 2018 NFA Flute Convention in Florida. The piece will be for bass flute and piano, and is sure to enrich our growing low flutes repertoire and challenge the capabilities of this instruments. We are so excited that a composer with such outstanding qualities is willing to consider the lower voices of the flute family as center-stage soloist. The form of the work has not been decided upon, though I have a general theme going through my head for a possible second movement..... I have always loved the sound world of the second movement of Dvorak's 'New World' Symphony, and loved the story line that went along with his longing for his homeland... Being an ex-pat aboard has it up's and down's..... Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Australia and we feel very blessed here in this Country, but there is something about being away from your home soil for so long that just stings deeply on sad occasions. I wrote the following to Mr. Dorff in an email, "I was wondering about a touching movement in the new work, dealing with missing the homeland. Something like, 'hints of home....,' you know that kind of Mahleresque type of sound in minor..... " I want a sound that cries from the instrument like no other.... I'm sure if anybody can do it, Mr. Dorff can. The bass flute has amazing tonal qualities that communicate on a different plane from the C flute. I am eagerly looking forward to our collaboration on this new work for bass flute and piano. If you may not be familiar with Daniel's work, you should take a few moments to thumb through his excellent website. His experience at writing for the flute and woodwinds in general, obviously comes from his professional abilities as a Saxophonist and clarinetist. I will keep you all posted on the progress of this exciting project.

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