A Taste of the Beautiful Sea in 'OCEANA'

Australian composer Carolyn Morris, has arranged her recent orchestral work 'Oceana' for the Monash Flute Ensemble, and the work will appear on the ensembles new CD recording, 'Sound Consorts,' in early February. The piece was originally commissioned by the Bayside Chamber Orchestra in 2014 and then arranged for large voiced flute ensemble in 2016. The instrumentation of course reflects my passion for the low voiced flutes: Piccolo, Flutes I/II/III, Altos I/II/III, Bass I/II and Contrabass flute. The work expresses a naturalness and lyricism that many of us have come to know so well. Ms. Morris has a way with a phrase that takes it through it's most natural course and directly into our hearts..... this is clearly her gift. 


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