'Impuls' - Recording featuring low flutes

The flutist, artist and composer Stephan Keller has once again given the low flute community something to talk about. Impulse (2010) is a fantastic recording that features the bass and contrabass flute played by a swinging master of these instruments…


Dunleavy Bass Flute Concerto


'Breathing with the Moonbirds'

(-Concerto for 'Electric Bass Flute' and Strings by Houston Dunleavy)

 Preliminary plans and sketches have begun for an exciting work for bass flute with electronic foot pedals, computer symmetry and strings. Houston Dunleavy, well established and…


Jonathan Cohen: Interchangeable Duos

'Just Below The Rainbow'- Interchangeable Duos for the low flutes 

A fascinating set of 'mixed duos' for the low flutes have been composed by Jonathan Cohen. A fine player and supporter of the low flutes himself, I asked Jonathan to…


Kotato and Fukushima Sub-contrabass flute


Subcontrabass Flute in F

Newly designed Kotato and Fukushima Sub-contrabass flute  in F (2010)is a fine instrument full of colour, warmth and accuracy. After a personal trial of this most amazing flute at the 2010 NFA Convention (Anaheim, CA), I…


Monash Flute Ensemble performs Australian Premieres


On Friday September 24th- 2010, the Monash University Flute Ensemble performed two Australian premieres for multiple flutes. The first was the newly commissioned work by the US-based Alexandra Sudhaja Molnar, titled "Voices from the Deep." The second, "Serenade and Burlesque,"…


The Deepest Voice...Explorations into the Hyperbass


The Deepest Flute Voice: The Hyperbass Flute

The Hyperbass flute is a most unique instrument, playing an abnormal four octaves lower than the C flute (which is one octave below most concert pianos). With 32 FEET of pipe, the diameter…


Noisy Oyster: Concert Pieces

'Noisy Oyster,' Concert Pieces for Low Flutes (2010)

Hilary Taggart has completed a set of seven etudes designed specifically for the Alto or C Flute. These charming pieces are also great fun when specifically based on the all the low…


"Three for Two"- New Duets for Low Flutes


Expressive Duos for Low Flutes

(Alto/Bass and Contrabass flutes)

Award-winning composer Adrienne Albert created a fantastic set of most expressive duos for the Low flutes, that were premiered at the 2010 NFA convention. "Three for Two," features the alto/ bass…


Successful Trip


A Tour to Remember

I wanted to thank you all for your support and kind assistance of my recent brief tour of the US West coast. I felt honored and blessed to have inspired many students, faculty, and friends about…


Playing on the Curved Headjoints

The Curved Alto Head Joint

Over the years I have been asked about the 'correct' positioning for the curved headjoints on the alto and bass flutes. My response is simple and quite clear, "the correct position, is the position that…