Peter Sheridan

Peter Sheridan is a creative performer, educator and passionate supporter of new music, commissioning over one hundred pieces for the low flutes. A native of New York City, he studied at the H.S. of Music and Art, Mannes College of Music (BMus) and the Juilliard Preparatory Division. Further graduate studies were undertaken at London Goldsmith's College, University of Arizona (MMus) and the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA). Mr. Sheridan currently lives in Melbourne Australia, and is Head of Woodwinds for Donvale Christian College and coordinator of their ‘Instrumental Bands Program.’ Also a Teaching Associate for Monash University, he is director the Monash University Flute Ensemble, and maintains an active private teaching studio.

As a recording artist Sheridan has appeared on Hollywood soundtracks and various independent chamber music recordings. He has completed several landmark albums featuring the unique tones of the low flutes with the independent Australian record label MOVE records, as well as an album with the Australian publishing company Wirripang. These recordings have received strong reviews and have aired on ABC National, 3 MBS and 5 MBS radio stations in Australia and on airwaves abroad as well. A recent new-age recording titled, ‘Traveler,’ with award-winning artist/flutist Sherry Finzer, has been aired in over 15 Countries and has received complimentary reviews. 

Blue_Contra_resized.jpgAs a 'low flutes' specialist, Sheridan has commissioned, promoted and collaborated on numerous projects featuring these large flutes. With compositions for Alto, Bass, Albisiphone, Contrabass, Sub-Contrabass and Hyperbass flutes he has inspired a thriving new repertoire for these instruments and has ignited a growing interest in their exciting sounds and flexible abilities both as ensemble members and center stage soloist(s). He motivated the construction of the World's lowest (and largest) flute: the Hyperbass (chromatic), which plays lower than the concert piano (C-0), and has visions for a Subhyperbass flute which will play down to C-1 (64' length) In 2022.

In Australia, he commissioned Andrian Pertout's 'Here and Now (2016),' a multi-movement concerto for Low Flutes, Strings and Electronic Soundscape and has premiered the 'Lyric Concerto' (contrabass flute/strings) by Bruce Lawrence with the Melbourne Musicians Society. He has appeared at the Austral-Asian Computer Music Association Conference (Qld), and is a regular performer for the Melbourne Composers League. In 2015 he premiered Houston Dunleavy's extraordinary double concerto 'Waiting for the Clouds To Part' (for C flute/piccolo and bass/alto flute) with the Heildelberg Wind Ensemble.

As a founding member of the innovative 'Los Angeles Flute Quartet' (2001-2007), he discovered his 'true low flute voice' supporting the bottom end of that vibrant ensemble for a number of years. Peter warmly expresses his gratitude to his LAFQ colleagues whom provided the opportunity to explore these low flutes in 'real- time.’ He has performed as a soloist and guest ensemble member with the established 'Los Angeles Flute Orchestra,' under conductor and composer Peter Senchuk, and has appeared in numerous festivals and International conventions,  throughout the United States, Canada, Holland, Japan, England, New Zealand and Australia. He has been an invited guest artist for the Low Flutes Festival, Mid-Alantic Flute Fair, New Jersey, Seattle and Portland Flute Societies, as well as festivals in Winnipeg Cananda. He has plans to travel to Iceland, Singapore, China and Russia in the near future to present his innovative workshop and performances on, 'Exploring the Low Flutes.' In 2017, he lead the opening concert at the 43rd Annual NFA Flute Convention (San Diego) where he conducted a flute ensemble of over 250 flutists in new music by American and Australian composers. 

As an Orchestral and chamber musician he has worked with the the Hollywood Studio Orchestra, Australian Philharmonic, Australian National Academy of Music, Grand Canyon Music Festival (on PBS), Aspen Music Festival (on NPR), Pasadena and Thousand Oaks Symphonies, the Mannes Camerata, Arizona Opera Company, San Bernardino Pops as well as the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra. Peter has presented numerous master classes and programs for various arts organizations, including: the National Flute  Association, American Composers Forum, California and Queensland Music Teachers Association, The Los Angeles Bach Society,  British Flute Society, Australian Flute Festival, and the Canadian Flute and Japanese Flute Associations. He has been an invited guest soloist with the acclaimed Fisenden Flute Ensemble (Perth) and the NFA Professional Flute Choir performing Peter Senchuk's 'Nuestro Pueblo' (for low flutes and flute ensemble).

Peter is honoured to have studied with Thomas Nyfenger, Sheridon Stokes, Janos Balint (Hungary), Judith Mendenhall, Nadine Asin, Bonnie Lichter and Clare Hoffmann (who's patience and dedication seasoned him into a flute player!). He has performed in Master classes by Baker, Schocker, Nicolet, Schulz, and Chesis and has been the recipient of awards and grants from Monash University, Mannes College, Aspen Music Festival, American Composers Forum: Subito, University of Arizona, New York City Honours Orchestra, Turtle Bay Music School and Santa Monica College, where he was nominated ''Outstanding Professor" by the International Student Committee. In 2009, 2010, 2017 he was presented with the "Dean's Commendation of Excellence in Teaching" for his outstanding contribution to the Faculty of Arts at Monash University-Melbourne, Australia.

As a Conductor, Mr. Sheridan has lead numerous flute ensembles at such institutions and arts organizations as: the National Flute Association, Victorian College of the Arts, University of California- Los Angeles and Arizona University. Over the years he has assisted with conducting and leading tutorials for the Monash University Wind Symphony, Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra (MYM) and was director of the Santa Monica College Wind Band from 2004-2007. He has had informal conducting tuition from master-teachers as Greg Hanson and Donald Neuen and was a participating student-conductor in the 2015 Summer Conducting Course with Dr. John Lynch (Melb). He currently directs the Senior Concert Band, Training Band and Senior Flute Ensemble at Donvale Christian College and enjoys his time as director of the vibrant and energetic Monash University Flute Ensemble which performs on all the multiple flutes. This student-based University ensemble recently completed three commercial CD recordings and were invited to present at the Australian Flute Festival and the Melbourne Composers League. Mr. Sheridan was invited to audition for the position of Conductor/ Music director of the Frankston Symphony and Croydon Wind Ensemble in 2012/14, and has continued to assist with the Frankston annual workshops.

Premieres and commissions have included compositions by: Gary Schocker, Daniel Dorff, Andrian Pertout, Houston Dunleavy, Alex Shapiro, Eve de Castro-Robinson, David Loeb, Paul Chihara, Andrew Downes, Larry Sitsky, Billy Kerr, Rhian Samuels, Adrienne Albert, Sheridon Stokes, Taran Carter, Joanna Selleck, Ali Ryerson, Jeffrey Miller, Vinny Golia, Patrick Neher, Bruce Lawrence, Vaughan McAlley and Reena Esmail among numerous other composers. Future projects include collaborations with composers/ performers such as Mike Mower, Robert Dickmand Dominy Clements to name a few.

Peter has recorded for MOVE, Heart Dance, ARS Publication, Albany, Innova, Wirripang, Warner Music Latina, Varese Sarabande, and Forest-Glade record labels. As a passionate promoter of new music, with some 100 compositions from eight countries, his artistic mission is to develop and expand music and recordings for all the 'Low Flutes' (flutes playing below middle C). Peter also improvises jazz-rock solos for the lower flutes, involving extended techniques. Sheridan plays on Kotato and Fukushima Bass and Contra bass flutes, as well as a Sub-Contra and Hyperbass flute from Jelle Hogenhuis (Holland). He has a 1918 Albisiphone (T=Shaped vertical bass flute) which was created by the Italian flutist Alberlado Albisi.

As a caring and dedicated instrumental teacher and lecturer Mr. Sheridan has served on the Music faculties of Melbourne University (AU), La Sierra University, El Camino College (CA) and Santa Monica College, where he was Associate Professor. He has been a guest lecturer for UCLA, Arizona (Tucson), Portland State, Cal Arts (Northridge), Cal State Fresno, Omaha, Auckland and Winnipeg Universities. Peter presents recitals throughout regional Victoria and is a frequent guest soloist at some of Melbourne's well-established churches including St. Michael's on Collins Street, Toorak Uniting Church and St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Mentone and the CBD.

Mr. Sheridan is a member of the Australian Music Centre (AMC) and a past committee member and continued supporter of the Victorian Flute Guild (AU). He was a member of the NFA ‘Low Flutes Committee,’ for a number of years and is a proud lifetime member of the National Flute Association (USA). 


SHORT BIO (450 words)


Low Flutes 

(Alto/afl., Bass/bfl., Contrabass'(in C)/cbfl, Subcontrabass (in C)/scb. and Hyperbass (in C)/hybfl.

  • Jane Hammond (AU): Song Without Words (cbfl and pn) and NEW WORK -2016
  • Diana McIntosh (CAN): 'On The Far Side of Mars,' (bsfl and piano interior)
  • Diana McIntosh (CAN): 'Sleep's Borderland' (low flutes ensemble and piccolo)
  • Tony Gould(AU): 'A Sly Symphonette' (flute ensemble and drum kit)
  • Emma Rogers (AU): 'Potpourri of Pain and Peace' (Flute ensemble)
  • Jazmine Morris (AU): 'Three Short Pieces' (Flute Ensemble)
  • Vaughan McAlley (AU): 'Serenade and Burlesque' (Low flutes quintet)
  • Adrienne Albert (US): 'Visions of Grace' (low flutes qunitet)
  • Adrienne Albert (US):Three for Two (afl/bsfl and cbsfl)
  • Michal Rosiak (AU-POL): 'Bass flute conc.' (w strings) and Lyric Song (low flutes)
  • Paul Ballam-Cross 'Anagrammata' (low flutes ensemble)
  • Peter Senchuk (CAN): 'Alto Flute Concerto,' (with flute ensemble)
  • Emma Rogers: Alto Flute concerto (with strings)
  • Stanley M. Hoffman (US): 'Seascapes,' (afl/bfl and SATB choir)
  • Gary Schocker: 'Underwater Flowers' ( bfl duet)
  • Carolyn Morris: 'Forest Over Sea,' (afl, bfl and pn) and 'Lyric Pieces' (bfl and pn)
  • Jonathan Cohen: 'Albisiphonics' (Albisiphone and piano)
  • Madelyn Byrne: 'First Flight' (bfl. and elect.)
  • Rhonda Berry: 'Leaves' (Trios for LF) 
  • Thomas Reiner: 'Five Propositions' (solo afl.)
  • Houston Dunleavy: 'Six Clumsy Duos' (scb and picc.) and Fanfare for Uncommon Flutes 
  • Peter Senchuk:"Nuestro Pueblo," (solo LF & Fl. Ens.) 
  • Jonathan Cohen: "Just Below the Rainbow" (LF duos)
  • Christopher Lee: "Four Elements" (low flutes)
  • Andrew Downes (UK): ‘Sonata’ for Contrabass fl. and Piano’ 
  • Alex Shapiro: ‘Below’ Contrabass Flute and Electronics 
  • Patrick Neher: ‘City Vignettes’ CB Fl., DbBs and Piano
  • Hilary Taggart: 'Noisy Oyster' (low flutes)
  • Sheridon Stokes: ‘Irish in the Lowlands” (bfl. and cbfl.)
  • Luca Vanneschi: Quiete per Shooni (scb fl. and perc.)
  • Gary Schocker: ‘Small Sonata for a Large Flute’ (bfl and pn)
  • Bruce Lawrence: 'Lyric Concerto' (cb fl. and strings)
  • Vinny Golia: ‘Suite’ (cb fl. and Vibraphone)
  • Vincent Giles: 'Differing Dialogues' (bs fl. & pre-recorded LF)
  • Tim Lawrence: Schismatic Concerto (scb and orch.)
  • Thomas Woodson : ‘Solo Bass Flute Sonata’ 
  • Lars Christiansen: ‘Distant Call’ (afl) 
  • Amy Waterhouse: ‘Sequence’ (afl and vla) 
  • Adrienne Albert: ‘Three for Two' (al/bs & cb fls.)
  • Charles L. Gran: 'She Begins' (fls. & electronics)
  • Gary Schocker: ‘Adventures Under A Leaf' (fl and bfl)
  • Christopher Caliendo: ‘With You’ (cfl and afl)
  • Numerous Student Compositions(30+)                             
  • Proposals and Plannings (Not Confirmed)
  • Mike Mower: 'Work for Contrbass flute and Electronics' 
  • Wil Offermans: ‘Duo for Bass Flute and Contrabass Flute’ 
  • Gary Schocker: ‘Trio’ Bass Flute, Viola, and Harp
  • Stuart Greenbaum: Proposed Bass Flute Work


Flute Ensemble(with low flutes)  

  • Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda: 'Voices from the Deep' (with additional funds from the 'NFA Low Flutes Committee')
  • Vincent Giles: 'Fantasie Australis' (c fl., al, bs, cb, & scb)
  • Vincent Giles: 'Fragments' (picc., c fl, al, bs, cb, scb.)
  • Vaughan McAlley: Chaconne (double flute choir)
  • Emma Rogers: 'Roses' (picc., c fl., al., bs, & cb.)


Flute Quartets(Los Angeles Flute Quartet: 2000-2007)

  • Michal Rosiak: 'Quasi Latino' (low flutes) 2011
  • Daniel Kessner: ‘Canto’ (Private funds) 2007
  • Jeffrey Miller: ‘Up In The Air’ (Comp. Inc. funds)2006
  • Mark Lathan: ‘Sneakers’-Jazz Suite & ‘Mission Impossible Fantasy’ 2005
  • Jonathan Grasse: ‘Flutations’ (UCLA funds) 2006
  •  Paul Reale: ‘A Paul Klee Gallery’ (Private Funds) 2004 
  • Christopher Caliendo: ‘Çhovihano’ (Private) 2004
  • Robert Denham: ‘Four dogged-leg’ Published 2004
  • Edward Ross: ‘Quartet Nos. 1 and 2’ Published 2004
  • Alex Shapiro: ‘Bioplasm’ (California Music. Teachers funds)2003
  • Gary Schocker: ‘Flute Quartet No. 1’ Theodore Presser Publishers 2001

Two FlutesChamber Music  (Married Flutes: 1993-Present)

  • Sheridon Stokes: ‘Irish in the Lowlands” (Bass Fl. and Contrabass Fl. 2008)
  • Adrienne Albert: ‘Two for Two' for Low Flutes 2008
  • Charles L. Gran: 'She Begins' 2 Flutes & Electronics
  • Gary Schocker: ‘Adventures Under A Leaf' (Flute and Bass Flute)2007
  • Christopher Caliendo: ‘With You’ C-Fl and Alto Flute
  • Girish Varma: ‘Pacific Train’ 2002 - Robert Leng: Lotus Blossom 2001
  • Payman Aklaghi: “Flare” 2001
  • Paul Chihara: “Haiku-Song and Ragu” 2000
  • Thomas ‘Bear’ Woodson: ‘Flitter Critters’ 1998
  • Kip Haaheim: Movement 1997 - Robert Kreis: Romance for Two Flutes 1996
  • Rhian Samuel (UK): ‘Dancing with Light’ 1996
  • David Bessell (UK): ‘Two Pieces' - (Wind on Water & Rain on the Window 1992)
  • Peter Wendell Knell: Arabesque 1991