Peter Sheridan with some his collection of LOW FLUTES (Photo: Lucia Ondrusova)




  • Upcoming 2017 US tour - Low Flutes Guest Artist (read)
  • Monash University Flute Ensemble to complete 'Sound Consort,' recording in early February (MOVE records)
  • Phillip Rawle composes lyrical new 'Sonata for Alto flute and Piano' (read)
  • John Arthur Grant (AUS) - 'Henso Kyoku' Variations for Low Flutes (read)
  • Exciting and RICH sounds from McGowan's new contrabass flute CD recording (read)
  • Dunleavy, Mustafa and Henderson write evocative works for Monash University Flute ensemble (Oct - 2016)
  • BRAHMS CLARINET SONATA No. 2, in an outstanding arrangement for Alto flute by Carla Rees
  • 'ALTO and BASS Flute Methods (by Dr. C. Potter),' are outstanding new resource for the low flutes
  • Daniel Dorff, legendary flute composer, to create NEW WORK for bass flute and piano in 2017-18 (read)
  • Kotato and Fukushima VERTICAL BASS flute - Great sound with fantastic ergonomics
  • 'Oceana,' Carolyn Morris's new work for large Flute Ensemble (read)
  • Daniel Baldwin to compose new piece for bass flute and piano 2017-18



  • Outstanding new music for large flute ensemble premiered at the 44th NFA Convention 2016
  • Madison Flute Club - Financial Fund assists in the promotion of Low Flutes
  • Andrian Pertout - Concerto for Low Flutes, Strings and Electronics (2016) read
  • New Low Flutes Trio from Jazz Legend Ali Ryerson- Harvest Moon (read)
  • SPRING AWAKING for two bass flutes and cello (2015) from Canada read
  • 'Continental Drift' for two bass flutes (2015) by Peter Senchuk read
  • Virtuosic Etudes (8) for LOW FLUTES by Daniel Kessner (2014) read
  • Canadian composer Diana McIntosh, new work for Bass flute (2015 GroundSwell Concerts) read
  • 'Seascapes' by Stanley M. Hoffman (SATB, Alto/bass flutes) read
  • "BELOW C": Flute Tutor Australia - Low Flutes Page/ Contributions Welcome read
  • 'UNDERWATER FLOWERS'  for two BASS FLUTES by Gary Schocker read LOW FLUTES Facebook page read

NEWS from 2015-2013

  • 'Music of Earth and Beyond' - Monash University Flute Ensemble  read

  • CD Review of 'FANTASIE AUSTRALIS' read

  • Alice Bennett: 'PROJECT 365' - A Unique Process Behind Improvisation... read


  • Andrew Downes composes NEW WORK for alto flute and synthesizer read

  • Exploring Unique Timbres: Recording for Two Bass flutes read

  • Peter Senchuk: Composes a NEW 'Alto Flute Concerto' (2015) read

  • Wirripang composers creating sounds for the Low Flutes Ensemble (Recording October 2015) read

  • Monash University Flute Ensemble releases first commercial album read

  • 'In Dialogue' new version for low flutes quartet and percussion read

  • 'Subtriplication' Peter Senchuk's exciting trio for low flutes...... read

  • Jonathan Cohen explores the sounds of the Albisiphone flute read

  • David Loeb's 'Symphony No. 11' for Low Flutes Ensemble read

News from 2013-2008

Australian Flute Festival 2013:

  • Low Flute Events  read
  • 'Sonorous Sonatas': Recital and Recording 
  • Music for Low Flutes Ensemble  read

  • 'Bass Flute Concerto' by David Loeb  article soon

  • Finding A Stronger Resonance On The Low Flutes read 

  • Monash University Flute Ensemble Receives Grant  read
  • 'Brahms Trilogy op. 118' for Low Flutes by Ann Cameron Pearce read
  • Why Should I Purchase An Alto/Bass Flute?  read

  • 'Three Propositions' by Thomas Reiner (alto flute)  read

  • Composer's Corner: Peter Senchuk  read
  • 'Vox Planetarium' for Low Flute ensemble  article soon
  • Daniel Kessner-  A Serene Music:
    • Solo work for Alto, Bass or Contra article soon
  • Australian Flute Festival 2013: October 4th- 7th poster
  • The Albisiphone: Myth or Magic

Australia's newest online Flute Journal visit

'Summer Nights' (for Alto Flute)

by Frederic Glesser article soon

NFA Low Flutes Committee - NEW ORLEANS 2013 read

Exciting NEW music for Low Flutes Choir read

Sleep's Borderland: Low Flutes Ensemble Piece Read

Hyperbass Flute: It Does Exist....... Read

Canadian Flute Convention: Guest Artist Read

"Forest Over Sea" Trio by Carolyn Morris Read

Music for Alto Flute and Guitar by Jane Hammond Read

'A Moon With A Different Attitude'- Read

'The Big Picture' -Alto Flute Etudes for Young Players Read

'Thomas Pinschof: Pioneer of Low Sounding Flutes' Read

'Adelaide Flute Day'- The Low Flutes go South..... Read

'Low Flute Quintet by Wil Offermans'  Read

'Nuestro Pueblo' Recording now Available Read 

'Exchanges of Breath" - A Cross-Cultural concert experience Read

"Performing Modern Music: Sonic Theatrical Visualizations" Read

"Thinking Tonally Through The Fingers" Using Taffanel and Gaubert to improve tone quality on alto and bass flute Read

Premiere-'High Tides for Low Flutes' : New composition for NFA Convention Read

National Flute Association (US) Low Flutes Committee Read

NFA Flutist Quarterly: Los Angeles Flute Orchestra new CD Read

The Flute Octet 'Blow UP!' Listen

Ranges and Characteristics of the Low Flutes Read

Chamber Music for Low Flutes: Chris Potter Read

Solo Arrangements for Low Flutes  Read (Forton Music)

First Flight: New work for bass flute and Electronics by Madelyn Byrne (read)

Low Flutes Recordings available at: Brandon Music (US)

National Flute Association (USA): Annual Convention schedule

Rhonda Berry composes trios for Low Flutes Read

Visit to Los Angeles: Concerts, Classes and Colleagues (read) 

Recording 'Nuestro Pueblo,' with the Los Angeles Flute Orchestra (read)

'Different Dialogues'- Bass Flute and Pre-Recorded Electronics (Wirripang Publishers)

Monash University Lunchtime Concert Program

Taran Carter: Owl sfutel (bass flute and piano)Read

Bass Flute Concerto: Michal Rosiak Read

Redesigned Low Flutes: Kotato & Fukushima Read

Monash University Flute Ensemble- AFF Concert pdf

Memoirs: 15th Japan Flute Convention-Shiga Read

Featured Artist: ABC Radio listings

Contra-alto flute in G: a bass alto flute read

Australian Flute Festival Featured programs

'Monologues and Dialogues' MOVE Records

Australian Low Flute Music read

Kotato & Fukushima Showcase Concert- Japan program

'Nuestro Pueblo' (P. Senchuk) Asian Premiere read

Creation of the Hyperbass Flute Read

"BELOW: Music for Low Flutes" MOVE (review)   

'Alto Flute Concerto' receives piano reduction read

'ImPULS' Hip CD from Stephen Keller read

2011 National Flute Association Convention (Workshops/concert) (program)

"Breathing of the Moonbirds"- Houston Dunleavy

 (Concerto: Electric Bass Flute and Strings 2012)

Repertoire list for 'Alto & Bass Flute

'Sonorous Sonatas' (MOVE records) read 

Monash Flute Ensemble Performs Premiere's read

Kotato and Fukushima new design

(Sub-contrabass flute in F) read  

'Four Elements' of Christopher Lee read

'Three for Two' Adrienne Albert

(duos for alto/bass and contrabass)

'Six Clumsy Duos'

(piccolo and subcontrabass flute)

Wirripang publishing

'Noisy Oyster'- Hilary Taggart (Concert Etudes) printedmusic

Sonata for Contrabass flute: Andrew Downes read

'Hearing and Embracing Fundamentals'

  • Training the ears to listen down read

'Angle, Airspeed and Opening'

  • Aspects of a great low flute sound (read)

'Purchasing a Low Flute'

  • Thoughts, ideas, and practicalities (read)