Teaching Philosophy

As a musician and educator with twenty five years of experience in three Countries, I have a dedication to nurturing and maintaining a high standard of instrumental teaching, alongside an engaging and collegiate working environment. Over the years, my teaching responsibilities have included a wide range of duties from woodwind tuition (beginners to graduates) and band director, to music fundamentals, and music appreciation courses.

In 1999 I was given the opportunity of becoming the graduate coordinator of the innovative ‘Outreach Instrumental Program’ for the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where I managed a roster of student woodwind teachers, providing teaching evaluations and mentorship throughout the year. This was a real turning point for me as an educator, as now I was ask to motivate and guide the teachers

As a teacher I believe in ‘active learning’ and thoroughly enjoy inspiring students and staff to reach their full capabilities as musicians and individuals, thus growing through a positive drive in each other's work. Passionate about musical sound, I encourage all to listen closely and carefully, and strive to make the connection between our day-to-day lives and the imaginative wonders of music-making. As enthusiastic, self-motivated teacher and performer, I enjoy and respect the art of conducting, recording and continue to commission new compositions by composers around the World.

Teaching is an art, not a job........ Work it, refine it and communicate your passions....



(Flexible Template of Schedule for the Day)